28239294 28440421 28538389 621C CR Dyzelinių Įpurškimo Valdymo Vožtuvas 9308-621C už EJBR05101D EJBR03101D 8200676774 8200421359


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This is Penny.Condition: 100% NEW , high quality, easy to install Please make sure the interchange part number matches the part you are replacing Please check our photos and make sure the part shown looks identical to your stock one Avoid buying the wrong accessories.If you have any questions.You can ask me for advice.There are many auto parts in our shop.If you can't find the accessories you need, you can contact me.Thank you!

We can also provide all the following Delphi injectors, if you need, please feel free to contact me for more discount information!

EJBR06101D EJBR05301D EJBR03301D EJBR01901Z EJBR02801D EJBR02901D EJBR03001D EJBR02401D EJBR03701D EJBR02301Z EJBR03601D EJBR02501Z EJBR00901Z EJBR01801A EJBR01801Z EJBR04001D EJBR01701Z EJBR01401Z EJBR01201Z EJBR04101D EJBR05501D

EJBR02101Z EJBR05101D EJBR03101D EJBR05102D EJBR04601D EJBR02601Z EJBR04501D EJBR04701D EJBR03401D EJBR04401D EJBR02201Z EJBR01601ZEJBR01301Z EJBR02001Z EJBR01302Z EJBR04401Z EJBR00801Z EJBR01101Z 1100100-ED01

Valve 9308-621C OEM: 28239294 / 28440421 / 28538389

For Injector EJBR05101D / EJBR03101D (82 00 421 359 / 8200421359) (82 00 676 774 / 8200676774)

For DACIA Logan 1.5L dCi Estate (68bhp)

For NISSAN Note 1.5L dCi Hatchback (68bhp), (86bhp)

For RENAULT Clio Mk III 1.5L dCI (60bhp)

For RENAULT Clio Mk III 1.5L dCI (68bhp)

For RENAULT Clio Mk III 1.5L dCI (70bhp)

For RENAULT Clio Mk III 1.5L dCI (86bhp)

For RENAULT Kangoo Mk II 1.5L dCI Van (60bhp)

For RENAULT Kangoo Mk II 1.5L dCI Van (70bhp)

For RENAULT Megane Mk I 1.5L dCi (85bhp)

For RENAULT Modus 1.5L dCi (70bhp)

For RENAULT Modus 1.5L dCi (85bhp)

For RENAULT Scenic Mk II 1.5L dCi (85bhp)

For RENAULT Thalia 1.5L dCi (60bhp)

For RENAULT Thalia 1.5L dCi (70bhp)

For SAMSUNG SM3 1.5L dCi

For SUZUKI Jimny 1.5L DDiS MPV (85bhp)

For Nozzle: L153PBD / L153PRD

For Valve: 9308-621C / 28239294 / 28440421

Real Packaging

The packaging can be customized, according to your requirements, contact me for details.

Shipment Packaging

A large number of shipments every day, the packaging is strictly sealed, drop-proof, pressure-proof and moisture-proof.

Q1. Is this accessory new?A: We are manufacturers, so each product can be guaranteed to be a new product assembled in person.Q2. What if I can't use it?A: If you can't install successfully, there is no reason to return the replacement.Q3. Delivery period A: If we have stock, we will ship it in 1-3 days.It will not exceed the delivery date at the latest.In special cases, if you encounter production problems.I will inform you in advance.Do not worry!Q4. What is your terms of packing?A: Standard packing and also can according to customer's requirements.Q5. Do you test all your goods before delivery?A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.

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